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How to Know If Your Loved One is Getting Good Care in an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing the right assisted living facility for your loved one is an important decision. But how can you tell if they will get the right level of care after they transition into assisted living? Be sure that you choose a long-term care facility with exceptional staff and service, the right amenities, and a healthy environment for your loved one.

At Sherwood Adult Family Home by Belamour Care, we are proud to offer a wonderful community for seniors situated in the incredible scenery of Vancouver, WA.

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How To Find the Right Assisted Living Near Me for Your Loved One

Assess Their Needs

The first step in ensuring you find the right home for your loved one is assessing their needs. What levels of care will they require for daily living? Are they mobile and active? Or will your loved one need help with daily activities like eating, hygiene, or medication management?

Independent living is usually the right choice for healthy and active seniors engaged in the local community. For mobile seniors who need long-term care, an assisted living facility is a better option. A nursing home is the best choice if your family member is not mobile and has round-the-clock nursing needs.  

Take a Tour

Before deciding which type of senior community is right for your loved one, go there for a tour. While many facilities have virtual tours on their websites, going on a physical tour allows you to get a good “feel” for the people and environment. You can also speak with current residents and assess how happy and satisfied they are with the level of care they receive.

Visit Regularly

Once your loved one transitions into a nursing home, it’s important for you to visit regularly and familiarize yourself with the staff, other residents, and their daily routine. You should build relationships with the staff and your loved one’s direct caregivers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up if you have any concerns!

Monitor Behavior

As your family member continues to live in their new environment, keep a close eye on their behavior, mood, and well-being. This is particularly important if they have difficulty communicating. Do they seem happy and healthy? Do you notice any new behavioral or mood changes? Pay special attention to their physical health and ensure they are receiving proper medication management.

Communicate with Staff

Communicating with staff and management is another important responsibility for families to ensure their loved ones are receiving the care they need and deserve. Assisted living facilities ideally have a high staff-to-patient ratio, as residents often need more in-depth care than at an independent living facility. Asking the staff questions makes it much easier to monitor your loved one’s health and happiness.  

Take Action if You Suspect Neglect or Abuse

Finally, it’s critical to speak up and take action if you suspect abuse or neglect. Keep your eye out for red flags like unexplained physical injuries, mood swings, behavioral changes, sudden weight loss, or poor hygiene.

Of course, most assisted living facilities are beautiful places with caring and experienced staff, but family members should be vigilant advocates. Elderly populations are the most vulnerable to abuse. If you believe your loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect, take your concerns to a supervisor or eldercare ombudsman.

Nursing Home Near Me: Sherwood Adult Family Home by Belamour Care

At Sherwood Adult Family Home by Belamour Care, we offer comprehensive levels of care for your senior loved ones, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Choosing an assisted living facility is an important and challenging decision, so we want to make the process as smooth as possible.

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