The Differences Between an Assisted Living Facility and a Nursing Home

The Differences Between an Assisted Living Facility and a Nursing Home

If you, your parent, or another loved one needs assistance with the once-simple aspects of daily life, you may consider transitioning into a senior living community. While the many existing options ensure you will find a suitable facility, knowing which type of facility best suits your needs can be challenging. To begin your search, you must first understand the differences between an assisted living facility and a nursing home. 

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How Are an Assisted Living Facility and a Nursing Home Similar?

Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other senior living facilities provide similar core services, including the following:

  • Daily living assistance: Senior care facilities typically take care of laundry, housekeeping, and cooking. Many facilities also offer personal care services, such as bathing or dressing help. 
  • Medication management: Many seniors take several medications, sometimes at various points throughout the day. Senior living homes help residents keep track of their medications to prevent potentially life-threatening errors.
  • Safety and security: Assisted living facilities and nursing homes prioritize resident safety and security. For example, a facility may install grab bars, handrails, ramps, and emergency call systems. 
  • Community: All senior living facilities include community spaces to enrich the lives of residents. Examples include libraries, fitness rooms, gardens, movie theaters, and salons. 
  • Daily activities: Senior care facilities often include scheduled daily activities to encourage socialization, such as religious services, movie nights, trivia events, and visiting entertainment. 

How Are Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Different?

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes have many similarities, but they are not the same. Consider the comparisons below to understand the critical differences between these two types of senior homes.

Resident Lifestyle

Assisted living residents often reside in private rooms, apartments, or condos, while nursing home residents typically live in hospital-like settings with less privacy. While both types of senior living facilities offer nutritious meals, assisted living facilities often provide residents with kitchenettes for small meal preparation in their units. 

Medical Services

An assisted living facility will usually offer medication management services, but it provides different levels of care than a nursing home. While assisted living staff may help with bathing and dressing, a resident with severe mobility limitations who needs round-the-clock assistance may not get the care they need. Seniors suffering from illnesses or injuries who require 24/7 care often choose nursing home facilities. 


Because nursing homes provide more medical services and 24/7 care, they often cost more than assisted living. According to long-term care insurance provider Genworth, the national average monthly cost of assisted living was $4,500 in 2021. The average for nursing homes exceeded that by thousands of dollars: $7,908 for a semi-private room and $9,034 for a private room. 

When To Search for Assisted Living Near Me

Many seniors seek assisted living when managing their homes becomes too challenging, or they need assistance with simple self-care tasks like bathing. Some signs that it may be time for a transition into assisted living include:

  • Difficulty maintaining a clean and tidy home
  • Increased instances of falling 
  • Lack of socialization 
  • Feelings of loneliness, isolation, sadness, or depression
  • Worsening medical conditions

When To Search for a Nursing Home Near Me

Many seniors transition into a nursing home from assisted living. Whether you live in an assisted living facility or at home, consider these signs it may be time to search for a nearby nursing home:

  • Mental health or medical condition that requires 24/7 care
  • Worsening mental health or medical condition or several conditions
  • Worsening dementia-related symptoms, such as memory loss and confusion
  • Difficulty maintaining personal hygiene
  • Feelings of isolation, loneliness, or depression

Explore Your Senior Living Options With Belamour Care

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