Residents Voices In Assisted Living Communities

What Type of Voice Do Assisted Living Residents Have?

Transitioning to an assisted living community can be stressful for many seniors, partly because they worry about giving up control of their daily lives. However, assisted living residents can maintain a significant level of independence despite needing long-term care.

All facilities should provide residents with a safe, engaging environment, but they only make some decisions. 

To give you or your loved one peace of mind when moving to a senior living community, we asked the administrators and staff associated with Belamour Care’s facilities in Vancouver, WA, to discuss how much of voice residents can have in an assisted living community—and how a properly trained staff can create a nurturing living situation without encroaching on seniors’ rights. 

What Influence Do Residents Have Over Their Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care?

Before moving to assisted living, seniors (or, in some cases, their guardians) typically complete a needs assessment test to determine what levels of care they require during their stay. Then, as a prospective resident, you can involve yourself in developing the care management plan, requesting specific services, and determining how often you need them. 

Reviewing the care management at prospective assisted living facilities is essential, giving you an idea of the types of services the community offers, the schedule, and the staff that helps.

Your plan should address your needs and wants, including your freedom to make decisions regarding daily activities and care. 

According to the Resident Bill of Rights, senior residents have the right to the following:

  • To stay fully informed of services, costs, rules, and changes in care plans
  • To complain without fear of reprisal and with a prompt response from the staff
  • To participate in their care management, including the right to refuse treatment or medication
  • To review their medical records
  • To respect, dignity, and freedom
  • To accept or restrict visits from medical providers, family, and friends
  • To make independent choices regarding accommodations, clothes, and activities
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Creating a Safe and Vibrant Assisted Living Community

While respecting the residents’ rights, assisted living facilities must strive to provide a community where seniors can thrive. Each facility has staff members that make this vision come to life.


The leaders and executives of assisted living facilities have a hand in every community aspect. They typically have a strong background in senior living. They can answer any questions the residents or their families have about the facility and its operations.

Assisted living administrators inspire other team members and build strong relationships with the residents. 


Caregivers can be nurses, nursing assistants, or other professionals who help residents with activities of daily living and ensure they stay healthy and happy. Depending on the facility, nurses might be on-site 24-7 or visit at various times of the day.

Communities that provide specialized care, such as for memory loss, have healthcare professionals at all times. 

Activities Directors

The assisted living team members in charge of activities are responsible for planning, preparing, and executing daily recreation and entertainment for residents. Therefore, one of the most crucial functions of assisted living is providing seniors with plenty of activities and socialization to fill their days.

Activities directors might plan group outings to museums, board game nights, or shows supplied by volunteers.

How Residents Voice Concerns and Opinions in Assisted Living 

When considering which assisted living facility to move into, it’s essential to ask whether the community has a resident council.

The resident council typically meets once a month or more to highlight concerns and suggestions for improving the community. The council’s structure can vary by facility. 

A successful resident council should have no interference from facility staff, providing a comfortable space for residents to speak about their concerns and receive a prompt response from the administration regarding issues brought to light in the meetings. 

How Do I Find the Right Assisted Living or Nursing Home Near Me?

Suppose you’re searching for the perfect assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one. In that case, asking as many questions as possible is best to ensure the community is a good fit.

At Belamour Care’s facilities in Vancouver, WA, we respect our residents’ freedom to make decisions regarding their care. To learn more about our loving communities, call us at 360-608-9087.